Don’t be the last one to know how to use a geofilter. We’re here to help.

1. Millennials, millennials, millennials.

75% of the 100 million people who are on Snapchat are under the age of 34. Your next generation of consumers are all on Snapchat.

2. Share promotion codes.

Post the story with an in-store deal offer. Get traffic on your website and in your business. Pro tip: “free” is a hot word.

3. Give your followers a “behind the scenes” look.

What does your business look like on the inside? Kind of like “How It’s Made”, but with less need for PETA intervention.

4. Tease your customers with special previews. Take pictures of models in your new clothes. Show off your snappiest (pun intended) new product. Add a “Snapchat Preview” page to your website so people have quick access to the product they saw on your story.

5. Let someone take over your Snapchat. 

Have people take over your Snapchat for the day. Even the most interesting stories get dull without fresh perspectives. Make sure it will connect with your business, make sure the person posts often, and make it epic.

6. Create a geofilter.

Customers will be able to use it when they’re in your business. You’ll be able to use it whenever you want. It’s another way to stay connected.

7. Tell a story.

Create multiple snapchat stories that are linked. Have a theme of the day, a running joke, or a daily snap. Get ready for your employees’ mojo to go up as well as your customers’ opinion of your relatability. It’s a win-win-win.


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