It is no secret that social media, like Instagram, has been a godsend for brands and building their awareness. In fact, about 55% of consumers learn about new brands through social media (sproutsocial), and having engaging and relevant content separates your business from the rest.

Your content allows you to share your brand’s story, build a following base of loyal customers, and promote your products and services. It’s no wonder brands are spending more and more time on elevating their social media content.

Meet Françoise Gagnier, 80/20’s Creative Director and graphic design guru.Françoise helps oversee the creation and implementation of marketing materials for all our clients.

She has previously worked as the Art Director for the Michigan State University Alumni Network and as a Graphic Designer for FMB Advertising.

Her artistic mind and proven expertise in research-driven brand design have helped clients all over the country develop their messaging. Below are her top five ways to make your social media graphics POP.

Keep your brand in mind. Colors, fonts, logos should all match your brand and be easily recognizable to your customers.

Keep size in mind. Instagram and other social platforms have desired sizes. Staying with these limits can ensure your post looks correct when displayed on someone’s feed.

Use your white space. Make sure images stand out by including some negative white space. This will help break apart and add depth to your posts.

Be consistent. Your posts and messaging should all have a similar vibe to them. This will help your brand awareness and aesthetic of your feed.

Take advice from the best and start showing social media what your brand is made of.


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