What’s the Golden Ticket Internship?

One of our driving philosophies at 80/20 Agency is that we “Launch Brands and Launch Careers.” Seriously, we have that quote framed.

Being in Bloomington gives us access to hustling students and lifetime learners. We’d be silly not to take advantage of that!

We are looking for motivated leaders interested in launching their career in marketing, branding, design, business analytics, advertising, or media.

You’d be given the opportunity to deeply dive into the crazy, fast-paced agency lifestyle. From content creation to Google Analytics to project and client management, we’re certain this internship is going to prepare you for your future.

Instant Results

This experience is going to give you the confidence to take your new skills into wherever life takes you. We even have a checklist of things you’ll learn and get to brag about in interviews!

Golden Ticket Graduates

Morgan Hoffman

Marketing & Digital/Social Media Business Applications, Kelley School of Business '23

Cate Lindstrom

Marketing & Professional Sales, Kelley School of Business '23

Ashleigh Sincebaugh

Economic Consulting, Business Analytics, & Sustainable Business, Kelley School of Business '23

Steffi Marvin

Fashion Institute of Technology '24

"Working at 80/20 gave me a whole new understanding of the Marketing, Media, and Advertising world. Kelly immerses you in all sorts of projects which makes for a truly unique, and beneficial internship experience."

Cate Lindstrom
Kelley School ’23

"Because Marketing is not my intended career path, 80/20 Agency gave me the creative freedom to make the Golden Internship Experience my own! I was able to focus on projects geared towards my strengths and interests while still gaining a comprehensive understanding of Marketing and Branding from a holistic perspective."

Ashleigh Sincebaugh
Kelley School ’23

"I loved working at 80/20! Kelly is so fun to work with and is a fantastic mentor. Helping create, publish, and brand the Gen Z Dictionary was my favorite project!"

Anna Campbell
Kelley School ’22

Are you a right fit?

We’re looking for highly motivated self-starters who are confident in their ability to creatively think outside the box and execute their ideas. We want you to be an independent leader that we can trust to continuously improve us and our loyal clients.

  • Interested in business, marketing, media, or graphic design
  • Highly motivated
  • Growth mindset
  • Awesome work ethic
  • Passion to learn new concepts and skills
  • Flexible – #NADM NEVER A DULL MOMENT at 80/20. 


The Golden Ticket Checklist

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn when you’re on the job.


Logo Design

Tagline Writing


New Project Development

Client Management

Digital & Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn Posts

Email Blasts



Website Development



Search Engine Optimization

Graphic Design





Public Relations

Press Release

Public Service Announcements

Radio Commercials

How to Apply

Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Just make sure you have a resume ready.


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