Old School Smarts + New Media Minds

Designing Bold Brands for the Next Generation

We are the agency that does not operate like a typical ad agency. We embrace the new digital world and know you can do a lot in house. We are here to help you manage your brand efficiently, yet maintain high quality content, advertising, and marketing materials.

The 80/20 Brand Bootcamp

Through our Bootcamp we help founders and brand managers launch or refresh their brand within three to six months. Our team specializes in designing your brand for the next generation.

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At 80/20 Agency, Branding is our Passion.

As a team of both

Millennial and Gen Z Creatives and Real-World Experts,

we use fresh ideas and digital expertise 

to develop innovative advertising strategies.

We are untraditional yet focused, and

we deliver results.

When you give us a new brand challenge, we “80/20it” to create deliverables timely and cost-effectively.

Watch for our TV ad created for an NIL deal for our client with Sydney Parrish. This ad ran during the Indiana University Men’s and Women’s Basketball Games!

THE 80/20 TEAM


80/20 Agency Old School Smart Kelly King
80/20 Agency Old School Smart Francoise Gagnier

Lead Brand Strategist

Founder & President

Lead Brand Designer

Creative Director



80/20 Agency Alumnus Claire Williams
80/20 Agency Alumnus Rachel Chalnick
80/20 Agency Alumnus Caroline Collins
80/20 Agency Alumnus Andrew Torbenson
80/20 Agency Alumnus Spencer Bowman
80/20 Agency Alumnus Lucas Coniaris
80/20 Agency Alumnus James Tanford
80/20 Agency Alumnus Cate Lindstrom
80/20 Agency Alumnus Ashleigh Sincebaugh
80/20 Agency Alumnus Morgan Hoffman
80/20 Agency Alumnus Anna McCoy

We are proud to be a

WBENC-certified firm

If you are a government-funded organization looking to work with a women-owned business, we qualify!

80/20 Agency is a WBENC-certified business








After going through the 80/20 Brand Bootcamp, I am so glad that I invested the time to do this.

Before I worked with Kelly and 80/20 Agency, I knew what I wanted and how I wanted to grow, but what I didn’t understand was how important the why is!

There were tons of questions that I needed to answer in the Brand Bootcamp that helped me create a path that I would never have seen if I hadn’t worked with 80/20.

By helping me understand my strengths and weaknesses, I can now make decisions to maximize revenues and—even more importantly—the bottom line.

They refreshed our brand and designed a new website highlighting exactly who we are as a company and what is important to our customers that I am proud to promote. This website design ties all of this together to bring our new brand to life.

I highly recommend the 80/20 Brand Bootcamp to anyone who wants to wake up and smell the coffee… and that coffee is the best you will ever have!

Trip Demaree

Founder & President, TriMar Ribbon


You’re at the table enjoying a pleasant family dinner when you hear the kids say things you’ve never heard before. Joey shouts, “Stacy’s so thirsty!” but your intuition tells you she doesn’t want a glass of water. You feel clueless but too embarrassed to admit that you don’t understand. The days of cluelessness are over, The Gen Z Dictionary is here to help translate and keep you in the know!

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Your website is the mothership of your marketing.

We take a holistic and three-pronged approach to developing your site.

We consider:

  • the design
  • the function
  • the messaging 

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