“Are You on Clubhouse?”

If you haven’t been asked this question yet, you’ll be asked soon. I promise.

What’s Clubhouse?

It is the latest social media platform that is all the rage, but not just for the younger generations. Think podcast meets LinkedIn, then meets self-help, and joins Reddit-esque mastermind group. 

Clubhouse is a unique, live audio platform that is educational, collaborative, entertaining and highly addictive.

The platform is still in development and is only available for iOS users. However, it is already valued at $4 billion after just a year since its founding, according to a recent Bloomberg IPO prediction [MH1] . (Bloomberg.com April 6, 2021).

You have to be invited to use the app, so you really feel “part of the club” once you’re in.

There are rooms for pretty much any topic, and you can sign up to follow “Clubs” that host “Rooms” on specific topics.

What is incredible is how much knowledge people share. It feels like being at a conference, without actually being at a conference. You will want to grab a pen and paper to take notes because there are no recordings. The collaborative environment makes you feel supported, not only as a businessperson, but also as a lifetime learner.

Should Marketer’s Join?

For marketers there are all kinds of rooms and clubs related to social media, marketing funnels, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and podcasting. It’s the best way to get ahead of trends so you’re never playing catch-up.

For individuals, there are rooms with topics related to success, growth, personal finance, mental wellness and so much more.

For me, I’ve been wanting to master TikTok for a while. I want to know all the insider hints on how to master the algorithm, edit content on the app, and go viral. There’s a club that I joined called TikTok Marketing Secrets, where I’m learning how to grow and bring in sales with TikTokers. I’m getting in on conversations about strategies. I’m still waiting on my time to shine, though. Look out!

They’re building their reputation using celebrity entrepreneurs such as Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk to host conversations. I popped into a room and there was Demi Levato talking with the party hat on her profile pic, indicating that she had recently joined. It is predicted that Clubhouse will be among social media giants, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It already has taken this hold internationally, taking off everywhere from Greece to Ghana.

With COVID-19 inhibiting so many professionalism opportunities, Clubhouse serves as a great alternative to better your career, business, knowledge, and well-being. Even after the pandemic ends, people will be more comfortable with working and learning remotely.

There has never been a better time than now to hop onto the app and get ahead of the curve. Well, with an invite, of course. Start asking your friends to invite you to the Clubhouse!

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