In an increasingly streamlined and fast-paced world, video is becoming more important than ever.

With consumers often relying on video for news and entertainment, and with search engines prioritizing video over written content, businesses with a strong video presence have a competitive edge.

Here are four reasons your business should utilize video marketing.

1. People Love Videos

This cannot be stressed enough: PEOPLE LOVE VIDEOS.

Videos are easy to digest and grab people’s short attention spans—90% of the information transferred to the brain is visual and is processed at a significantly faster rate than written text.

For example, YouTube is the second-most popular social media site on the internet with almost two billion monthly users, and it is still growing at a stunningly-quick rate.

Investing in a well-done video will connect with your audience more strongly than a quality blog or podcast.

2. Videos Boost Traffic

Because people love videos, a properly created video ad campaign will increase traffic to your business.

Your website is 53 times more likely to be on the front page of a google search if you have a video on your site, and video ads drive more engagement than static photo ads.

While it isn’t wise to focus all of your effort on videos, they are a necessity for maximizing your reach.

3. Video Marketing Is Effective

Add together people’s love of videos and the increased traffic, and you get an obvious result: video marketing is extremely effective.

Conversion rates—how often a consumer does what you want them to do, such as purchasing a product or sharing a video—go up by 80% when using video ads.

They are the most flexible form of marketing, and because they can be consumed on mobile or desktop services and can be listened to or watched, they reach a wider demographic.

Plus, with a 1.84% click-through rate, they are the most efficient form of digital advertising.

4. Huge Return on Investment

83% of businesses say they get a big return on their investment in videography because they don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to raise website traffic and user conversion.

While it isn’t preferred, it is possible to capture high-quality video with nothing more than a smartphone and a microphone, and video editing services are free and easy to use.

With good preparation and a solid script, your video ad can be inexpensive and effective.

Video is the content medium of the future, and if your business is searching for additional avenues for marketing, this should be near the top of your priority list.

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