What’s Involved with

Planning Special Events?


Event Focus

It’s easy for the purpose of your event to get lost in the shuffle. Whether your special event purpose be fundraising, networking, or informational, we’ll make sure your vision isn’t forgotten.

Special Events

Concept Brainstorming

Our creative millennials will help you decide which direction to take your event to maximize its creative potential.

Special Events - Scale

Defining Your Target

We help you identify your target audience (especially for something as specific as a special event) to ensure your event is a success for all its attendees.

Special Event Planning

There are two main ways we can assist with special event marketing. We can help you properly express your brands’ image at an event, or we can creatively use our fresh and new event marketing techniques to help you increase brand awareness and align your company with a particular experience and group of people.

Either way, we will utilize similar tactics to distribute your message including: PR, social media, signage, paid advertising, and content marketing. Our team of enthusiastic, creative millennials enjoy the challenge of making the most out of an event, while also staying true to your brand.

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