What’s Involved with Public Relations?

Your Image

Perception is reality. The way the general public and your customers see you is vitally important to your success. 

Branding - Positioning

Earned Media

Earned media is very different from the advertisements you see in magazines and online. It says a lot when there are reliable sources talking positively about you to potential customers.

Branding - Target


In Public Relations, it’s also important to keep in mind who you’re talking to. 80/20 Agency takes the time to find who and what your audience listens to and cares about.

Building a Positive Reputation

Your brand’s reputation is extremely important. Earned media can be incredibly influential, so it makes sense to invest in content and resources for reporters and bloggers in order to influence your customers in the right way.

 We maximize the opportunity for media exposure through events, company news, valuable content, and company and product launches. The best way to handle an unexpected event is to be prepared for it. 80/20 Agency will help you not only prepare for the worst of the worst, but it will help you plan the best ways to share the best of the best with the people that matter.

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