What’s Involved with Branding?
Your Brand’s WHY
You know why and how your company began. Help your customers understand the reason behind your brand and sell them on your mission, not just your products.
You are uniquely positioned to give your brand meaning. Learn to situate your brand story within your audience’s market to better convey your company’s purpose.
Defining Your Target
Our brand personality test will help you humanize your company’s story. We’ll help make your brand’s personality relatable and likable.
Style Guide
Brands are people too. They have personalities, interests, and styles. Define your brand style to clarify your mission and create a relatable persona that customers will want to buy.
You recognize famous taglines. Make your brand tagline a household name. If it’s snappy, interesting, and relatable, your millennial and Gen-Z audiences won’t be able to stop saying it.
Brand Story
Every brand has a story. Your story is comprised of more than your product line; it involves your mission, your company story, and the way you envision your products to reach consumers.

Your Brand – Who You Are

Branding is our favorite part of marketing. Everything you do, should be centered around your brand and defining your brand is fundamental in implementing plan tactics and strategies.

Our unique process for developing distinctive brands keeps us fresh. We have developed our own Working Brand Workbook that will help you to create a brand that has its own personality, tone, and look.

Your brands style guide will ensure that every single detail expresses who you are. From fonts, to pantones and hex codes, to your mission statement, we will help you consistently express to your employees what your mojo is.

From your brand platform, we will them help you develop a strategy to make connections with your customers in creative, authentic, and meaningful ways.  Going through the branding process with us will help you become a better marketer in the long run. By letting your left brain and right brain work together, we will help you truly express your brand in a way that speaks to not only your company, but your clients as well!

In a nutshell, we describe Branding with a simple formula:

Psychology + Creativity + Statistics = Brand Strategy

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