1. Millennials are drawn to visuals. Utilize infographics, pictures, and creative taglines to make the content piece of your message pop.


2. Keep text short. Millennials have shorter attention spans than goldfish–seriously. They only focus on things for about eight seconds at a time. Blame whichever evil you want (cell phones probably do have something to do with it though), but it’s reality, and your content has to match the focus capabilities of your audience.


3. Keep your audience entertained. When you’re writing or advertising, you’re telling a story. Make your story interesting. With an abundance of information available to consumers anyway, you have to work much harder make people want to hear what you have to say.  


4. Be interactive. Send free things (your expertise counts!). Ask for responses. Get feedback. Twitter polls can be pretty powerful interactive tools when used effectively.


5. Give learning tips. They’re more than clickbait– “7 ways to do x, y, and z”. Make them work for you too. Millennials want useful information in easily digestible bites. Learning tips help add value in the eyes of your audience.


6. Make it easy to read. Sentence structure and length, word choice, and grammar are important when writing a blog post or social media blast. Before publishing, read it out loud. Is the tone of your writing consistent with your company’s brand tone? Is it easy to figure out what your main message is? Make the most of your ability to write.


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